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What Healthy Feels Like

Prevent the Problems

Prevention is truly the best medicine.  And while the concept is a common one, the practice of truly preventative medicine is not all that common.


Common medical practices are designed to detect and treat illness.  Unfortunately, if an illness is detectable you already have it.

In Chapter seven of Dream Health, Dr. Wilmovsky explains how the toxic medical care system used to be termed alternative, while today the reverse is true.  Practitioners of today's alternative medicine aim to not only relieve the symptoms of disease, but prevent the problems from occurring.  They do not rely on pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgeries to obtain optimal health.


Learn how to take control of your health with options that allow you to get to the root of your physical condition instead of merely treating symptoms.

Dream Health alternative care is truly preventative.  It is designed to bolster the health-giving nature of your body, enabling you to more easily fight off disease.  From chiropractic care to massage to acupuncture, regular treatments by an alternative care provider can help you stay in optimal health.  

In concert with the other D - R - E - A - M elements, regular alternative care will result in better health.

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