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Designed to be Active

Human beings are designed to be active.  When we deny this natural urge, we force the energy to come out in other ways.  Like mental stress and anxiety.  We also allow our well-designed bodies to waste away and lose effectiveness at fighting illness.

Good exercise does not need to be intimidating or even overly intense to be effective!


In Chapter six of Dream Health, Dr. Wilmovsky teaches in great detail how participating in physical activity not only improves cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility, but that it also increases self-esteem and mental acuity, while reducing stress levels.  Learn practical methods to incorporate physical activity into your hectic life. 

When it comes to Dream Health, exercise is designed to keep your body sufficiently challenged so that it can always operate at an optimal level.  We make it easy to incorporate exercise into your daily routine in a way that contributes to your overall goal of achieving optimal health.

In concert with the other D - R - E - A - M elements, proper exercise will result in better health.

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