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Sound Nutritional Principles

Living Dream Health is indeed a dream for many Americans.  Ironically however, our high standard of living seems to equate to a poor state of health.  Our diet is a good example.  As food has gotten easier and cheaper to obtain, its contribution to our overall health has significantly decreased.  61% of Americans are overweight, and 23% are obese.  Many complain of lack of energy, depression, anxiety, you name it.

It's up to each of us to take our health into our own hands, starting with our diet.  In Chapter four of Dream Health, Dr. Wilmovsky offers practical applications that make it easy for you to implement a healthy diet into your busy lifestyle.  You will find creative ideas on applying sound nutritional principles that make the transition from confusing fad diets and toxic fast food achievable.

Dream Health simplifies the task of adjusting your eating habits to include more live food, less white flour and processed food, and a healthier daily eating schedule.  You've read about all kinds of diets, from one extreme to the other.  The Dream Health diet is simple to understand because it makes sense.  Once you know what there is to do, and why it works, you'll be more likely to do it.

In concert with the other D - R - E - A - M elements, an improved diet will result in improved health.

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