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Critical Essential Rest

One of the biggest ironies surrounding the quest for a vigorous, energetic life is that people strive to achieve it by refusing to get a full night's sleep. 

Sleep and other forms of rest are crucial to having energy and vitality.  In this society we seem to believe that we can control our bodies from the outside, rather than listen from the inside.  We drink coffee and take drugs.  We eat energy foods and drink energy drinks.  All of this in stubborn refusal to lie down and rest. 


In Chapter five of Dream Health, Dr. Wilmovsky demonstrates how critical essential rest is to your overall health and presents steps to ensure you get the most complete rest possible.

Dream Health promotes listening to the needs of the body and responding.  And one very simple need is rest.  Rest includes nighttime sleep as well as daytime naps.  It also includes time where the body may be awake, but the mind is resting.  We recommend some simple guidelines for providing your body with the rest it needs every day.

In concert with the other D - R - E - A - M elements, better rest will result in better health.

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